Hi, my name is Bakia Parker.  I am a 3d artist currently residing in Alexandria VA.  I remember the first time I picked up a Playstation 1 controller and started moving a fully 3d character in a fully 3d environment. As a 13 year old kid who read tons of comics and re-drew his favorite panels, this “new” form of art and storytelling blew my mind.  That moment set me on the path to where I find myself today.   In 2009 I received my BFA from The Art Institute of Washington. My major was Media Arts and Animation with a special focus in 3d modeling. I currently work as a freelance 3d artist for various clients such as D.C United, Immersion Labs, Kolrom Media, and The International Children’s Art Foundation (sponsored by Lego and Faber Castell). In my 10 years of industry experience, I’ve worked as a lead 3d artist on multiple mobile game titles, a full length 3d animated film, and various television commercials.
My personal work is strongly influenced by my obvious obsession with anything sci-fi and mechanical. The subject matter in my artwork has always been conceptual machinery (robots, bikes, cars, spaceships, and so on). I take great pride in applying my understanding of real world functionality and look to my pieces. The end results are highly detailed production and real-time ready models. In my never ending quest to push the boundaries of my art, I took a dive into the world of 3d printing. From an artist’s perspective, over the years I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how this technology can take my creativity to places I never thought possible.
The life of an artist is a non-stop learning process filled with overcoming obstacles, challenges and meeting deadlines. If there is one thing the art world has taught me, it’s that “You never know what you are capable of unless you are pushed beyond your limits.”